In times demanding  a greater degree of specialisation in the delivery of engineering solutions.

Safety & Security

Our portfolio of security related consulting services includes risk assessments, crisis and emergency management, the set-up of security organisations.

Transport Planning

Urbanization and demographic change are driving the ever growing megacities of the world.


We cover all services in the field of architectural design of buildings for every kind of public transport facility including workshops.

Organisation & Management

Revision and improvement (if necessary) of efficiency, effectiveness and legal security (compliance).

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency, that is achieving target performance while using reduced amounts of energy is a common theme.

Welcome to Hamburg-Consult

Your success is our drive!

Hamburg-Consult was established in 1967. In the beginning, the main purpose of Hamburg-Consult was to exclusively market the HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN expertise for the planning, operation, maintenance and training of public transportation.

Hamburg-Consult quickly developed distinctive areas of expertise and innovative methodologies in the field of consultancy for public transportation companies. Starting from the very precise knowledge of internal processes  in urban rail operators, HC was able to develop a range of software products and successfully place them on the market. These programs assist the optimization of the vehicles used in circulation or in the handling of customer complaints.



  • Hamburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH

  • Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

  • Metro Regional de Valparaíso

  • Ministry of Transpor-tation Indonesien